Chapter Song

"We Are Sisters"
Words & Music by Shirley P. Cornelious

Vocal Version


Instrumental Version


"We Are Sisters"
Words & Music by Shirley P. Cornelious
Monmouth County Alumnae Chapter
(Written for NJ State Founders Day 2001)

We are Deltas and as sisters let us lift one voice
Yes, we are Deltas. We are sisters, not by birth, by choice
We made a vow to be true
And when our service to Delta is through
We'll join Omega still as sisters

Verse 1:
We came from twenty-two who shared a vision for mankind
They framed a perfect plan, directed by the Master's hand
Then faith led their way
And here we stand today
Thousands strong in sisterhood
United in a bond of love. For we are...

Verse 2:
We share a sisterhood that time and distance can't erase
An unseen bond of love unites us in a special place
No task too great to be done
No race too hard to be run
From the strength of our youth to the wisdom of our Dears
We'll lift and serve Delta all thru the years
For we are...